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All of SAFEO’s programs and campaigns are designed to raise funds for scholarships and encourage college enrollment among high school students. Our initiatives focus on raising the percentage of students who proceed to college. We are aware of the importance of a College education and we advocate for it. So be a part of our many campaigns today and support student athletes.


I Promise Concussion Awareness Campaign

Join the SAFEO I Promise Concussion Awareness Campaign to help us spread the word about youth and sports-related concussions. Each year, school-related contact sports cause about four million concussions. Kids playing football, soccer, and ice hockey are the most likely to end up in the emergency room (ER) as a result of such brain injuries. The mission of the I Promise campaign is directed to young student athletes, their parents, coaches, and teachers to provide them awareness and preventative information about the occurrence or repercussions of a concussion. Learn more


T-Shirt Campaign

Our T-Shirt apparel was designed to offer today’s student athlete comfort as well as style. Join our T-Shirt Campaign today by purchasing your Student Athlete for Life gear.  Not only will you look good but you will help support SAFEO in its programs for student athletes. Purchase yours today!


Become a Student Athlete for Life

Membership with the Student Athletes for Educational Opportunities (SAFEO), Inc. is overwhelming evidence of your recognition and support of the work that we do for our athletes and the community. We want you on our team. Sign up today!


Become a Volunteer

Want to help us pave the way for student athletes? Sign up for one or more of our volunteer opportunities and make a difference today! To volunteer with Safeo, please fill out our Volunteer Form and email the completed form to


Just Give Donation

SAFEO has partnered with to accept donations from individuals or teams that wish to support our movement. To make a donation to SAFEO, click on the button below.

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Our Pizza Card Fundraiser

Purchase a Domino’s Pizza Fundraiser Card today and enjoy the following deal: buy any size pizza at regular price and receive a same size pizza with equal or fewer toppings for FREE.  This deal is good up to 16 FREE pizzas and valid for one year. Proceeds will benefit SAFEO. Click here for more information.

Domino's pizza card final $10

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