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You Can Make A Difference In The Lives Of Our Youth Because Our Planet Needs You To

One Man’s “Trash” is a Disadvantaged Kid’s Opportunity!
We’re Counting on You to Help Insure Access to Critical Technology for All!

Dear Donor,

Technology is everywhere and it is used in every part of our lives. Practically every job uses some form of technology. Too many of our students here in the Washington, D.C. area do not have a device or access to the Internet. This puts them at a grave disadvantage.


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Thanks POLITICO for your support.

SAFEO’s Electronics for Education (EFE) initiative gives our organization the ability to incorporate technology inside our classrooms, after school activities, volunteer opportunities and summer programs. In 2020, we’re asking donors to help us receive 20,000 laptops and they can come from your company, your employees, or friends, partners, and supporters of your company. Your support is very important as it will help us modernize and expand access, familiarity, and hard skills among the disadvantaged youth we work with. Through you generous efforts, our kids will be on the road to successful participation in the way the world operates today and in the near future. And while we’re at it…we save the world from excess trash and pollution!

The EFE Initiative goes Green to keep our planet clean.

wisetek and forever green

Special thanks to Get Wise for their support!

Special thanks to Get Wise for their support!

Through mutually-beneficial partnerships with D.C. based recycling groups Forever Green and Wisetek Recycling Solutions, SAFEO’s EFE program has forged a “community impact” initiative that not only closes the digital divide for our youth, but also provides an environmentally-responsible component that properly discards E-waste free of charge to donors like you. Donors can now join the movement and take full advantage of a tax-deductible benefit by donating old or used laptops, All-in-One desktops, iPhones, cameras, lighting equipment, flat screen TVs, monitors, scanners, all Apple/ Mac products and other electronic devices.

We make the process quick and easy for you. Once you’ve completed our short online application, you will receive a thank you response and an EFE representative will contact you to discuss specific details of your donation and to set up a date and time for pick up. Click here to begin.

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Thank you to our current Electronics for Education donors!

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