Volunteer Opportunities

SAFEO has many initiatives aimed at supporting student athletes at all levels. Our staff works to prepare
student athletes for the rigors of college level work and the challenges of the college experience. We
also work to enhance their athletic skills; introduce them to the many available career opportunities in
sports; and inform and train them in healthy living. We work to build character and a consciousness for
community responsibility. Join our movement and volunteer for one of our outstanding programs today!

YHLS-WEB Youth Healthy Lifestyles Food Desert Survey

SAFEO has partnered with Giant Food’s “Healthy Living Sector” nutritionist Leslie Jefferson, MS, CNS, LDN and the University of Maryland Master Gardening Program to create the ‘Youth Healthy Lifestyles Food Desert Survey’ to engage residents in a 25 question online survey focusing on access to fresh fruits, vegetables, produce, places to stay fit and neighborhood safety.

washingtonfootball-logo Become the Ultimate Washington Football Team Volunteer

Since 2013, SAFEO has served as a partner with the Washington Football Team Charitable Foundation. The partnership helps the organization raise sustainable revenue that supports our many programs and services through volunteerism. As a partner we are charged with providing FedEx Stadium “Game Day” volunteers to serve as food stand customer service reps In the DREAM SEATS section and other food and beverage stands.

I can breathe logo A Mission Your Organization Can Get Behind!

Help us empower African American youth to fearlessly engage their natural and developing intelligence and creativity to battle discrimination and injustice and to advocate for race-neutral policies and practices that result in opportunities for them to become outstanding contributory citizens across all areas of life and living. We do this through a comprehensive and purposeful training program in communications and information technologies and social media platforms.

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