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Just Give

SAFEO is a proud non-profit member beneficiary of JustGive.org. JustGive works with donors and non-profits to increase charitable giving through its ground-breaking platform designed to grow collective positive social impact. In 1999, JustGive.org was among the first nonprofit organizations to channel the power of the Web for online giving and in 15 years, JustGive processed more than one million donations and sent over $400 million to more than 70,000 charities. It is a trusted donations platform which verifies that your money is going to public charities incorporated in the U.S.; have filed tax forms with the IRS; make a current financial statement available to the public; are in good standing with government agencies that monitor charities; and have reasonable fundraising or administrative costs.

Whether individual, team, or corporate donor, through JustGive, SAFEO is able to accept your generous donation with one simple click! To make a donation to SAFEO, click on the button below:

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