Band Up: Raising Millions to Commit Millions


This year, the “I Promise Concussion Awareness Campaign” is charging its core support base of medical professionals, neurologists, brain & spine institutes, concussion support groups, sports medicine clinics, MBAs, PhDs, MPHs, AAU, collegiate, professional, and semi-professional sports leagues, professional athletes, student athletes, coaches and parents to “Band Up” and join in our efforts to sell 1 MILLION WRISTBANDS to help us raise awareness and commit millions in critical scholarships for student athletes who’ve suffered severe head injuries and can no longer compete, but want to continue their education. The funds generated from this effort will also go towards concussion baseline testing for student athletes in the Washington, D.C. area through our partner INOVA Medical Group Sports Medicine.

The “Band Up” slogan is an outgrowth of a campaign to get everyone involved in concussion protection and prevention. By rocking the “I Promise” wristband, you’re letting everyone around you know that you are aware of the challenges our young athletes face and that you are committed to reducing the chances of concussion and its lingering effects through the SAFEO Concussion Pledge (below). The wristband helps to start and move the conversation across every community. Something this simple can go a long way as we try to make contact sports safer for all athletes.

So “Band Up” by purchasing an “I Promise” wristband for yourself, your kids, and other young people you may know. Share the Pledge with them and LET’S MAKE #Bandup GO VIRAL!

Click here for more information on our iPromise Campaign.

I Promise wristbands revised

Wristband donation $10 per wristband. Ask about our 10 or more wristband bulk discount prices @ Wristbands will be delivered by U.S. Postal Service within 3-5 business days.

The SAFEO “I Promise” Concussion Pledge

Click here for more information on our iPromise Campaign.

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