Core Programs

SAFEO has three core programs aimed at supporting student athletes at all levels, out of which many of its other initiatives are created. These highly acclaimed, fundamental programs include:

Student Athlete For Life

Student Athlete for Life Is a community health and fitness program that addresses the alarming obesity epidemic. Stewarded by our Director of Fitness and certified trainer Matt Johnson. This groundbreaking and unique approach to fitness is a low cost “anywhere/anytime” activity the engages whole communities on how to use neighborhood playgrounds using body weight techniques to serve as their very own fitness center.

Camps and Tournaments

Our camps and tournaments are open to both boys and girls ages 10-18 and offer skills and drills in basketball development to take our participants to the next competing level. From 2007-2010 Washington Mystics star Crystal Langhorne hosted the SAFEO/Crystal Langhorne “Get Wise” summer camp for girl. We also partner with AAU and recreation leagues to host year around tournaments.

Get the College Edge

Get the College Edge Is one of our flagship programs that provides middle and high school athletes and their parents an opportunity to go on our yearly college campus tours to get the edge on the competitive nature of selecting a college. During these visitations we engage with school officials, coaches, student athletes and others to receive vital information about registration, scholarship opportunities and team depth charts.


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