SAFEO is a great organization to work for. We pride ourselves on creating an environment for your career and skill-set to flourish, while giving you the leniency to be creative. We’re currently seeking college age students (18-26) to serve as non-paid interns who are looking to gain real world experience with our organization in an effort to advance your particular skill-set to become a professional at what you do.

Available Positions: We currently have openings available in our office for individuals seeking to fulfill the experience requirements in the areas of assistants, marketing, promotions, social media, writers/ editors, photographers, graphic and fashion designing, coaching, fitness, health and nutrition. For qualified, motivated applicants, these positions offer exposure to virtually all facets of the aforementioned positions. Depending on your qualification level and experience, this opportunity may include opportunities to provide supervised or unsupervised workload. Duties for each position consist of:

A. Assistant to the Program Director Intern- To serve as the assistant to the program director in your area. Duties include developing and implementing plans and goals for the organization and working with the director to coordinate and help supervise daily operations.

B. Marketing Intern- Individual aspiring to serve as a marketing professional to build your brand and career. To assist in the management and marketing operations under the supervision of a SAFEO marketing manager. The duties include preparing marketing proposals strategies, hosting events, and researching marketing trends.

C. Promotions Coordinator Intern- We’re seekingIng Individuals aspiring to serve as a Promotions Coordinator. The responsibilities and duties of coordinating sales force promotions stimulating performance and producing incrementally. Assist in the development and implementation process for sales force promotions. To also develop support materials like brochures, flyers, scripts, videos and field communication.

D. Social Media Intern- An aspiring social media rep works in coordination with both our marketing and communications directors. Under their direction you and other social media reps are to help manage and create content for our multiple social media platforms with the “end game” in mind of highlighting content related to our brand, products, events, campaigns and service

E. Writer/ Editor Intern- We’re seeking Individuals who are passionate writers and editors – individuals who view their words on paper as poetry, with the aim of engaging their reader to want more. As a SAFEO writer or editor you will chronicle articles in our “Sideline Magazine” and on all our social media platforms covering a range of topics in sports, education, health, fitness, college life, entertainment, fashion, community and more. Your duties will also include researching topics, revising, rewriting, or editing articles or PSA’s, prepare advertising copy, market work to publishers, advertising agencies, potential sponsors, public relations firms, news outlets and publication enterprises

F. Intern Photographer- As a SAFEO Intern photographer you will be responsible for photographing images of sporting events, concerts, interviews, conferences, our community outreach activities and other visuals to represent the organization’s experience which will be used for marketing, advertising and promotional purposes. Responsibilities will also include organizing and cataloging the images for future use and to coordinate and manage image posts to social media and coordinating them with our social media team.

G. Graphic Design Intern- Is responsible for assisting our chief Graphic Designer Team with a range of print and web projects, such as print ads, campaign displays, collateral material, and web and social media graphics.

H. Fashion Design Intern- As part of our fashion designing team, we’re seeking individuals who have a keen sense of producing cutting edge designs for our upcoming sports apparel line “Student Athlete for Life” (SAFL), along with some of our other campaigns.We need a team that understands the importance of keeping their eyes and ears to the streets to know the current fashion trends. Your core duties will entail researching the latest trends in fashions, picking the highest quality fabrics and knowing how to pull together accessories to complement our creative pieces. You are also expected to assist with fabric cutting and sewing, pattern making and setting up showroom-like displays at all our promotional events.

I. Coaching, Sports Medicine, Fitness and Nutrition Education Interns- SAFEO is known to have produced a couple of AAU boys championships teams. In 2010 we won the boys 12 & under AAU championship with the Force One League in Silver Spring Maryland. From 2011-2014 we hosted the Crystal Langhorne Women Into Sports and Education W.I.S.E. girls basketball camp. Crystal who at the time played with the WNBA’s Washington Mystics, but now plays for the Seattle Storm. The camp combined basketball skills development with an educational component focused on young girls, self image, health and nutrition.

We also worked with for San Francisco 49ers, now Washington Redskins star tight end Vernon Davis and former Pittsburgh Steelers Darrius Hyeward-Bey to host skills, drills and health clinics

Our goal with this career track is to expand our youth sports reach throughout the DMV region. To achieve this goal we need a core group of young men and women who not only want to coach young people, but have a passion for their personal development on and off the playing field.

Qualifications: At Least 1 year of experience in the selected position or have declared it as a major. Dress code is not required, but you’re expected to be well groomed, maintain high hygiene status and have a high passion to work as a team.

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