Student Athletes for Educational Opportunities (SAFEO), Inc. is a Washington, DC based non-profit organization that supports student athletes at all levels. Our staff works to prepare student athletes for the rigors of college level work and the challenges of the college experience. We also work to enhance their athletic skills; introduce them to the many available career opportunities in sports; and inform and train them in healthy living. We work to build character and a consciousness for community responsibility.


J. Laffeyette Carter

J. Laffeyette Carter
President and Founder of SAFEO

DJ Jonny Blaze

Johnathan “DJ Jonny Blaze” Norris
Media Director and Promotions Coordinator

Angela Cottrell

Angela Cottrell
IT Specialist/Web Consultant

Latoya Jackson

Latoya “Black” Jackson
Chicago Office Director of Sports and Entertainment
and Assistant Editor-in-Chief of “The Sideline” magazine

Eva Santorini

Eva Santorini
SAFEO In-house Graphic Designer
& Communication/Production Manager
Jason Carter

Jason Carter

Jason Carter
Director of Youth Services
Brooke Gantt Brooke Gantt
National Fashion and Style Contributor

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